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Whole Hog Breakfast Sandwiches - A food truck with a twist

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Posted at 6:53 PM, Jul 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-13 20:53:29-04

BILLINGS — The food truck scene is popular across the country and Whole Hog Breakfast Sandwiches is making its mark. The restaurant switched from brick and mortar to mobile and has added a spin that's the first of its kind in Billings.

Garrett Halsey opened Whole Hog Breakfast Sandwiches on December 16 of 2019. He was quickly forced to adjust on the fly after the Covid- 19 pandemic took its toll on many Billings restaurants—forcing many owners to have to get creative with their business.

"I started a downtown brick and mortar shop 3 months before the pandemic. So, as that all developed and kind of unfolded. I had to shift out of the brick and mortar to what you see now," said Halsey.

Halsey is set up at the KOA campground in Billings and has new customers and repeats alike throughout the day. The atmosphere of the restaurant has clearly changed since its inception but the food quality has remained top notch.

"You have certain expectations of what the quality of the food will be when you eat at a food truck but that was probably the best sandwich I’ve ever had,” said Hunter McConnell, a visitor at the KOA campground.

Garrett lives and works out of the RV as it allows him to blend work and home life together seamlessly. A portion of the RV is converted into a kitchen where Whole Hog sandwiches are dished up for much of the day as Halsey is open nearly 24 hours a day—only closing from one to five each day.

Ordering is simple and done exclusively through the Whole Hog website.

"How you order is all through your phone. It’s laid out in front of you. You customize each item, you tell me how you want me to create your burger, sandwich or burrito or chicken sandwich. You submit it to me, and I’ll send you a text when you're ready to pay and pick up," added Halsey

Whole Hog is another example of how businesses have adapted to ever changing times and found a way to persevere.