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Water back on at 4 MSU Billings buildings, but don't drink it

Posted at 3:18 PM, Dec 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-04 20:14:06-05

The water is back on at four buildings at MSU Billings, but it's not yet safe to drink.

The water at McMullen Hall, P.E. Building, Cisel Hall, Rimrock Hall, and the Student Union Building is now safe for restrooms, showers and hand-washing following a water main leak earlier this week, campus officials said Friday.

Schools officials said do not drink the water until further notice.

The concrete to fill the ditch outside McMullen Hall will be poured early-to-mid next week.

Employees in those buildings should return to normal schedules Monday.

To report any water leaks, call: 657-2147