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Vandalism inside Entree Soup in Billings caught on camera

Posted at 6:25 PM, Aug 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-11 20:25:33-04

BILLINGS — On Sunday, August 7, five people broke into and allegedly vandalized the Entree Soup restaurant in Billings, shutting it down for an indefinite amount of time, the restaurant owners told MTN News.

The group was seen in footage outside the building and then eventually on top of it where they destroyed a camera. After that, they eventually kicked in the door and made their way inside, according to surveillance video.

That's where they were seen on video destroying equipment without a second thought.

One of the perpetrators came face to face with a camera inside the building before realizing it was there and destroying it. The owners said another relieved themselves in the middle of the facility. The individuals left doors open and on top of the destroyed equipment, all of the food was ruined.

The incident left many Billings residents who frequent the business devastated.

"It’s really sad to see. These look like kids in the video and pictures. It’s sad that they think it's okay to go in and do this to someone’s property. When they have no right doing that. This is a hardworking couple that runs this business, and for these kids to come in and do something so disrespectful is really, really hard to see," said Jill Richards, an Entree Soup customer.

It's unclear how long the restaurant will be closed, residents think the support in the community will be right behind them as soon as they open.

"She’s probably going to be down for a week if not two trying to restore everything but I know that we will go right back and support her as soon as she's open," said Lacey Abell, Entree Soup customer.