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The Parade of Homes celebrates 30 years

Posted at 10:41 PM, Sep 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-27 16:27:32-04


The 2020 Billings Parade of Homes is a little bit different, basically, look but don't touch, but the show, hosted by the Home Builders Association must go on.

"It is comprised of 11 builders this year, that are all members of the Home Builders Association. Tickets are available online at," Home Builders Association CEO Kimberly Welzenbach said.

COVID19 restrictions forced an alternative to bussing people around to the houses on the parade of homes.

"We're just excited to have something for the community to come do, and check out these really cool houses by a lot of cool builders," Cougar Construction's Sam Nelson said.

So, this year, the public is allowed to tour the houses on their own.

"We have some awesome prizes that we're going to be giving away, so everyone that gets tickets automatically gets entered," Welzenbach said.

Each house on the tour was built by a different construction company.

"We help them through the whole thing. From design, all the way to putting on the final doorknobs and everything in between," Nelson said.
The Parade of Homes is celebrating 30 years.

Houses on the tour will be in the 700 thousand to 1.2 million dollar price range.

"You know the main thing is just to kind of show that people think about Billings, Montana-we're kind of tucked away. People think that you have to move to those great big cities or someplace, it really showcases what our builders are capable of doing," Welzenbach said.

"We've got a couple of doors that were sourced out of an old hotel, over 100 years old and you can really see the fine craftsmanship and it's really cool to have an item like that in your home," Nelson said.

"Some of these homes, these are things that you'll never see in most opportunities," Welzenbach said.

The tour of the custom homes showcases industry trends and innovations.

"The most spectacular thing about the Parade of Homes is the artistry that goes into it. The homes are just beautiful, spectacular, and most of the work that's done in the homes will feature the latest in the trends and technology,"Welzenbach said.

They aim to have a virtual tour in the coming weeks.

"And there's all types of different styles. It's a great idea to come out to the parade whether you're remodeling, or going to build, or looking for decor ideas. We're happy to put this on. Love to have people come out and see what we can do,"

The tour runs through 5 P.M. Sunday, but tickets MUST be purchased in advance.