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The great Montana sheep drive continues in year 33

Posted at 8:27 PM, Sep 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-06 00:29:24-04

REED POINT — The great Montana Sheep drive happened for the 33rd straight year in Reed Point on Sunday.

The event began in 1989 to make fun of cattle drives, over 12,000 people showed up that year and it has been a community favorite ever since.

“It’s exciting, it’s great to see all the people here, and it’s just a lot of action going on, I like it,” said Roger Watson, a spectator at the sheep drive.

The event brings in live music, spectators, food trucks, and other vendors. A portion of the profits usually goes toward a good cause.

“Just keep it going as a money-making project for the fire department and schools and different things like that. I work with the log sawing contest and we donate some money out of that sometimes back to a needy family or someone who’s had medical issues or something,” said Allen Laubach, someone who has been involved with the drive since it began.

Nobody seems to know why the event is so popular as it draws in thousands of spectators every year, but it keeps the community engaged regardless.

“I just hope it keeps on going, and I’d like to thank the community and the people that do keep coming,” said Laubach.

The event happens to celebrate the unofficial end to the summer season every year.