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Steepworld offers Billings families indoor activities during unpredictable weather

Posted at 5:07 PM, Dec 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-30 10:26:48-05

BILLINGS - Unpredictable weather has been making it difficult for Montanans to enjoy typical winter activities like skiing or sledding, but Steepworld Climbing and Fitness in Billings gives families something to do inside that isn't contingent on the climate.

When you walk through the front doors of Steepworld you're met with instant chaos. Fortunately, chaos is exactly what Angie Vandecar was looking for.

"Honestly, we came out today because we have six kids (age) 12 and under that needed to get out of the house," Vandecar said Thursday afternoon at Steepworld. "They have a ton of energy."

Vandecar and her two sons are from Denver but are in Billings visiting family. Between her sons and their cousins, it's safe to say that a little steam needed to be blown off.

“We needed for them to be able to go out and have some fun and do some climbing," Vandecar said. "And just be boys, be kids.”

And the Vandecars are a perfect example of who Steepworld caters to, providing a fun and active opportunity for people of all skills and abilities.

Owner of Steepworld Jim Rott said they're always busy during the holiday season, especially in a place with a climate that quickly changes and is difficult to predict.

“Climbing at Steepworld is awesome no matter what the weather is," Rott said. "Whether it’s 20 below or 50 above and muddy as all get out, families come in here all the time. No experience necessary, no reservations necessary."

And Rott said the packed warehouse is what makes the whole thing worth it.

“We seek to serve our community a lot," Rott. "And just to see families having a great time, getting a good workout, is always rewarding for us."