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State auditor's office advises on hail repair in Billings

Posted at 10:10 PM, Oct 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-04 16:15:36-04

It has been nearly two months since hail storms caused major damage in parts of Yellowstone County.

On Thursday, some heard from the state Auditor Matt Rosendale office at the Billings Public Library Royal Johnson Community Room.

The State Auditory Commissioner of Security and Insurance office has advice on claims, contractors and protecting against scams.

A lot of the advice centered around knowing what is in the policy, staying alert and asking questions.

About 70 came out to the public meeting.

The library staff invited experts in compliance and fraud.

Many had questions about filing claims, hiring contractors and getting the work done.

The insurance office's advice is to hire a reputable local company.

"If he puts a roof on for you, he's going to be there next year if it leaks to come back and fix the problem, or stand behind his work if you will," said Sharon Richetti, bureau chief for the policy holders division of the Montana Department of Insurance. "The same thing with siding or gutters or any of those.

"The local guys that have been around for a while are sometimes your best bet, your smartest bet."

Richetti said her office has been busy in the fall. That will drop a bit in the winter, and then it will get busy once again in the spring when home owners work to make repairs.

More information is available on the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance website.