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St. Vincent's Medical Supply and Mobility gives man his life back

Posted at 8:49 PM, Feb 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-15 09:31:36-05

BILLINGS - The medical corridor in Billings is expanding, with more and more resources in just a few square blocks.

St. Vincent's Medical Supply and Mobility is stretching their legs in a new home on 27th Street.

The business has made all the difference for one man.

Meet Bob Grover.

"He's down to earth, he's business-like, he knows what he needs, isn't afraid to ask for it," St. Vincent Medical Supply and Mobility's Dawn Anthony said.

Grover found his way into St. Vincent Medical Supply & Mobility with an oxygen problem.

"I was floored when he came into my store and his current oxygen company had sent him to another place without any, because that's just not something we do here. With oxygen being a drug I did have to have a prescription so that he could go home that day, and he was just very thankful," Anthony said.

"She comes out of the back-room wheeling this concentrator, and not only brought it out, she put it in my car," patient Bob Grover said, "I was helped so much through the store here that I had to write a letter because I had to have management know what was happening and how great of service I had."

Grover ended up returning to the store for assistance with a walker and later a mobility scooter after a serious fall, and health issues.

Grover is retired, so the couple is working with a limited budget. Scooters can range from anywhere in the low hundreds to the low thousands.

"She asked first what my price range was, and I told her and she made it work for me, I got a walker that fit in my budget. It was used but it was just like brand new," Grover said.
tools that not only made his life easier, they gave Grover independence back.

His wife also uses a C-PAP machine at night, and gets all of her supplies from the St. Vincent Medical Supply and Mobility as well.

The tools that the Grovers have acquired have not only made life easier, but given them their lives back.

"One of the things we used to have to take turns at the grocery store and taking turns holding onto it. Now, I can take my walker and she takes the cart. It's just nice, it's so much more convenient for us. It gives us our independence, and so we're able to do things together," Grover said.

The store specializes in home medical and respiratory services, wheel and power chairs, as well as medical hygiene supplies.

"Our store-front isn't like a candy shop. You know someone coming into our store isn't ecstatic to be here, so just putting yourself in their shoes. And to think about what their challenges are," Anthony said.

"I'm 82 years old, and my wife is, well I'd better not say that. We're just at the stage of our lives where we're not nearly as mobile as we'd like to be anymore. These folks, they just treat you like family, they act like they care. It's hard how much we explain everything that they do for us," Grover said.

St. Vincent's Medical Supply and Mobility is located at 1101 North 27th Street, Suite A.