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St. Vincent Healthcare to hold Billings fundraiser to support women's health

Posted at 5:36 PM, Aug 02, 2022

BILLINGS — St. Vincent Healthcare is gearing up for its largest fundraiser of the year. Money from the 43rd annual Saints Benefit will support women's health services, including their midwifery program that helps hundreds of new moms.

Many believe having a midwife means a home birth without any medications. Hailey Burroughs learned that isn’t the case at St. Vincent Healthcare.

Before Burroughs had her babies, she had no idea how midwife-assisted births worked.

“The first thing I thought about midwives was the stereotype of I’m going to have a natural birth at home with no medication,” said Burroughs, a St. Vincent patient, on Tuesday.

That perception changed after she and her husband decided to use a midwife for the births of both of her kids at St. Vincent Healthcare.


“My experience with a midwife was awesome because I felt always supported. I never felt judged,” Burroughs said.

She participated in St. Vincent’s prenatal group where she connected with other pregnant moms. Their midwives guided them through every step of their pregnancies.

“For the delivery that really affected that too, just knowing all the options I had and the different things that could help, and they were there 100% of the way,” said Burroughs.

Tamara Little is a certified nurse midwife at St. Vincent. She’s been delivering babies for eight years.

“I like to think that we come alongside the woman and kind of walk with them through the journey of pregnancy, and try to teach them as we walk,” Little said.

Though midwives traditionally deliver babies at homes, the ones at St. Vincent deliver babies at the hospital itself. They can provide more personal care but in a setting where a doctor could step in during an emergency.


“They know here that they can receive whatever level of care that they need. But they also have someone who’s going to take the time to sit and explain as many questions as they have,” said Little.

Midwives at St. Vincent, however, do partner with women who choose to have home births, providing additional support.

“We kind of are for everybody, yes,” Little said.

Burroughs couldn’t be more thrilled with her midwifery experience.

“We’ve just felt like the midwives were almost like a friend. And I still feel like that honestly,” said Burroughs.

The 43rd annual Saints benefit will be held at Camelot Ranch on Friday, Aug. 5. Event proceeds will support St. Vincent Healthcare's Women's Health Services.

If you would like to support this year’s SAINTS Benefit by being a sponsor and/or making a challenge auction donation, please visit to donate online.

Additional ways to give include texting SAINTS to 32037 or calling 406-237-3640.