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Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse celebrates opening in Billings Heights

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Posted at 5:48 PM, May 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-26 08:41:49-04

BILLINGS - There’s a new place to shop for groceries in the Billings Heights, especially for those who are going to be cooking for a lot of people.

Sharmrock Foodservice Warehouse cut the ribbon on its new store Wednesday at 1323 Main St. Wednesday morning.

“We are a very unique concept at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse. It is food service chef-approved products in restaurant sizes, but it is not just for restaurants. It’s for home shoppers looking for large events, parties, caterers, church groups,” says Ann Ocana of Shamrock Foods.

The store features around 4,000 products offering everything from meats and seafood to fresh produce. It is also stocked with cleaning supplies, kitchen equipment, and appliances.

A big crowd made its way into the store as the doors opened Wednesday.

“This is the next hot spot for culinary investment, and we’ll begin to see the growth in small businesses spurred by this tremendous store here today,” said Ward 2 council member Jennifer Owen, who represents the Heights. “Shamrock Foods has an excellent reputation in the local food scene, so I’m excited that they came here to celebrate 100 years as family-owned business.”

The new store is Shamrock Foods' 11th overall, but its first here Montana.

“We love the Billings market. Not only is it home to 800 restaurant operators, which is the core of our business, but we find that the culture of Billings matches with our culture too and we can’t wait to be a part of it,” says Ocana.

The new store does not require a membership fee to shop.