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School District 2 prepared for remote and in class learning

Posted at 9:34 PM, Aug 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-14 23:34:53-04

The deadline to sign up for remote learning in School District 2 brought 2,310 students wanting on-line learning.

That's about 17 percent of the 13,385 who registered for both remote and in-class learning.

The deadline was 5 p.m. on Friday, after many missed the original Aug. 9 deadline.

Here is a breakdown of 2,310:

  • 11 in Pre-Kindergarten
  • 952 in K-5
  • 635 in Middle School
  • 712 in High School.

"The hours of the school day will mirror our normal school day." said Greg Upham, School District 2 Superintendent. "However, the instruction will be synchronous meaning that the teachers will be teaching and the student will be seeing. It'll be a-synchronous which means the student will be active and the teacher will be checking in. There'll be a lot of different components to it. And it will be much more robust than we were in the Spring. Not that we weren't trying hard. But we've had time to put a best practice in place."

Upham said about 15 percent of the school staffs have decided to work remotely.

He expects about 3,000 students will use remote learning.