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Sacred Grounds: New Billings shop combines foreign coffee with metaphysical healing

Sacred Grounds
Posted at 6:58 PM, Nov 17, 2023

A new business, located at 2950 King Ave. W., called Sacred Grounds is looking to bring a unique experience for its customers, combining foreign coffee with metaphysical healing.

The shop offers coffee, and also retail, local artwork, a traveling library, a masseuse, mental health professionals and a room to reset with low-lighting and salt lamps.

Business owner Mackenzie Brown said that unique combination is exactly what he envisioned his business to look like.

"We really wanted something different," Brown said. "It was always kind of part of the plan, just to have a place where you could come and get a coffee or tea and just relax and soak up the good vibes. Just a one-stop shop for all of their spiritual needs."

Brown said the business looks to offer something for everyone, as the city of Billings continues to grow.

"Billings is growing very fast and so there's new culture and new people coming in," Brown said. "We are just trying to do something to support all of that."

The shop co-owner, Damian Forrester, said he first met Brown working as his Realtor. When Brown shared his ideas for the store, Forrester knew he wanted to be more involved.

"I just loved the idea and what they were aiming for," Forrester said. "It's for everyone to come and enjoy and hopefully, enjoy everything we have to offer."

Forrester said the place is supposed to offer an escape from the usual businesses and stores in Billings.

"It's a different space," Forrester said. "I always tell people, 'Once you come in here, you don't feel like you're in Billings anymore."

And the business is certainly unique. From the foreign coffee making, where the staff uses a pile of hot sand to brew their drinks, to the metaphysical healing space, where salt lamps cover a dark room, there's a lot to offer inside its doors.

"We're open to anybody," Brown said. "We just want to hold a space in town where people can come and be themselves."

The business has only been open for a couple of months, but the owners said the response has already been amazing.

"I got goosebumps just talking about it," Forrester said. "Just because what we're hearing from the people, it's what Billings needed."

"I'm incredibly thankful. Incredibly thankful," Brown said. "This was always the plan, but I didn't think it would get there this quickly."