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Roundup man picking up pieces after losing home in Horsethief fire

Posted at 5:59 PM, Sep 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-28 19:59:45-04

ROUNDUP — Authorities have identified a group of juveniles as persons of interest related to the Horsethief fire that destroyed one home near Roundup. And on Tuesday, that homeowner was picking up the pieces and trying to figure out his next move.

Brad Voise has lived on his land outside of Roundup for 27 years and spent decades building his life there. He had three houses and a shed on the property, but it was all destroyed in just seconds by the fast-moving Horsethief fire.

“Families grew up here, but other than losing all the material stuff it’s the family stuff, the pictures, the wife’s ashes, the dad's ashes,” said Voise.

Voise tried his best to protect his house, but the flames were too strong.

“I was already over by the fence with my water hose. By the time we got here that trailer was on fire. I took one outfit two blocks up the road, came back to get my Bronco, and those trees were on fire next to the trailer I lived in,” said Voise.

Voise, his son, and his dog escaped the fire, but they didn’t have time to gather anything else. He wishes this had never happened but says future incidents can be prevented.

“Watch what you’re doing out in the super dry BLM, Forest Service (land), even on your own property. Just be careful because it’s not only your life, you’re putting everyone else in danger,” said Voise.

Musselshell County Sheriff Shawn Lesnik said in a Facebook post that he has no other information on the group of juveniles or what caused the fire, and an investigation continues.

Voise and his family are working on cleaning up the property and hope to build another house soon. They are asking for the community’s help in cleaning up and invite them to stop by anytime.

The family has also started a GoFundMe to help pay for a new home, and all the repairs on the property.

Electricity is scheduled to return to the property soon, but Voise needs to drill a new well to return running water.

As of Tuesday, the fire was 80 percent contained. Seven engines and one dozer have been used to fight the fire, along with a six-person hand crew.