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Rising Artists: Billings Skyview's Jack Staton always has music in his heart

Jack Staton
Posted at 5:00 PM, Jan 29, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-29 19:00:23-05

BILLINGS — Jack Staton's happy place is on a stage with a song.

"I was born into music," the Billings Skyview senior said. "Now, it’s like my whole life I guess."

That stage can be anywhere though.

"I’m always humming a song, when I'm in the shower, when I go in my car driving to school, I’m always blasting music and singing along to it," Staton said. "It's just part of my lifestyle."

All-State choir was a foregone destination for Staton once he got to Skyview, and it’s responsible for one of his favorites memories ever.

"We had this song called, 'Please Stay,' and it's a really powerful song," he said. "I was in the dead center of the choir so I could hear everything. Just getting to hear that was surreal."

Jack Staton All State choir
Jack Staton (highlighted) performs at the Montana All-State choir in Great Falls.

Staton works hard on his craft - that’s why he was nominated as a Rising Artist by his teacher - but there’s no denying a natural ability, and there’s no question where he got it from: just look for the matching hair on dad, Q.

"It’s like a dynamic duo of awesome, luscious locks," Jack said.

Q is the choir and theater teacher in Lockwood, a veteran Billings community singer, and Jack’s hero, which was a tricky line to walk for dad.

"I try to stay back so you don’t push it down their throat and ruin it for them," Q said of getting his kids into music. "Just wait in the wings and let them try and decide."

Jack and Q Staton
Jack Staton (right) and his dad Q (left) has both embraced the long hair look. Jack calls them a 'dynamic duo of luscious locks.'

He clearly didn’t ruin it for Jack, who’s headed to Montana State University in the fall with one future in mind.

"I want to be a teacher myself, specifically a choir teacher," Jack said.

"What an honor," Q answered. "To have my son follow in my footsteps, it’s the biggest honor in the world."

Of course, Jack will have a little fun before his teaching days, showcasing his other talent: trombone, hopefully in the Spirit of the West marching band.

"I went to a Bobcat football game, and I saw their marching band perform, and I said, ‘I’ve got to be in that someday,’” Jack said.

Wherever there’s music, you’ll find Jack Staton. It’s a lifestyle.

Jack Staton trombone
While Billings Skyview senior Jack Staton is a singer first and foremost, he also plays trombone and hopes to play in the Spirit of the West marching band while attending Montana State University.