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Quilt by Association hosts pop-up quilt gallery

Posted at 10:37 PM, Sep 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-20 17:00:10-04

BILLINGS - Group activities have mostly been out the window since March. But for Quilt by Association - a quilting guild here in Billings - the isolation allowed them to do what they do best - get creative.

Two guilds operate under the Big Sky Quilt Association.

"We have a night guild, and we meet at American Lutheran Church, and because of the pandemic restrictions we haven't been able to meet at the church for safety reasons," Quilt by Association's Kim Mork said.

The group has been working separately at home for six months, and came up with an idea to show off their work.

"This beautiful idea-let's get inspired, lets meet some of our friends again," Mork said.

Rose Park Pool's fence provided a social distancing approved gallery for the quilts.

"The city was wonderful, no restrictions, we could come out here and wear masks, we're social distancing, but we're meeting those inspirational ladies," Mork said.

The theme was "UFO". No, not the kind you're thinking.

"Some of my quilts are very old, and I'm very good about starting projects. I'm not so good at finishing projects. So one of our ladies, Lynn, gave us the UFO Challenge. So it's 'Unfinished Fabric Objects'", Mork said.

And just enjoying what people have been doing during the pandemic as well as some of our old favorites.

"So this is an opportunity for us to get some education, some encouragement, as well as to show that quilting is an art and a craft," Mork said.

Each quilt tells a story.

"Some of our members have very very old quilts from family members, or loved ones or the fabrics, this one was from someone's wedding, this one was someone's baby gift, baby outfits. We have one member that used many of her mother's dresses, and refurbished those into these beautiful quilts and table runners. It's recycle. Reduce, Renew. Just that loving heritage," Mork said.

The members are of all skill levels and are always welcoming new quilters.