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Q2's Turkey Tuesday exceeds previous year's donations in Billings

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Posted at 7:31 PM, Nov 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-16 21:31:50-05

It was Turkey Tuesday over at Q2 where community members stopped by to donate items to Billings Food Bank and Toys for Tots.

There was a tremendous outcome of donations. Billings Food Bank received over $40,000 in donations, as well as 500 turkeys. Toys for Tots had about 500 toys in their boxes once the day was done.

The gusty winds didn’t stop folks like Polly Taggart from donating.

“We’re here to bring some turkeys and green beans, and some donations for Toys for Tots,” said Taggart.

Taggart is one of the hundreds of community members that have donated annually to Turkey Tuesday.

Last year, the Billings Food Bank collected 3,000 turkeys, 5,000 pounds of food, and raised over $45,000 in donations. Toys for Tots received 28,000 toys, which were given to almost 8,000 kids.

Yellowstone County Toys for Tots coordinator, Sean Ardnt, said this year's Turkey Tuesday exceeded expectations.

“We’ve surpassed last year by about five boxes at this point in the day and a lot of people are still at work. So, I’m anticipated another four or five boxes by the end of the day,” Ardnt said.

Many contributors felt that the need to give was especially significant this year because of the ongoing pandemic.

“Well, because everyone in this time of COVID is really struggling. I think it’s really important we try to help one another and share my blessings with them, so that’s my motivation,” said Mike Joyce.

Volunteers, like Andy Pickens, also endured the gusts to contribute their time.

“There’s a great need in this community for these programs, and it’s always important to give back,” Pickens said.

All thanks to the community, who gave the simplest reasons to give back.