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Propane tanks stolen from front porch of Billings home

Posted at 8:49 PM, Jan 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-10 22:50:49-05

BILLINGS — A brazen thief is out in Billings with the confidence to stroll right up to a front porch and take what's not theirs.

Carnie Wipf was the unfortunate victim of theft around 6:19 p.m. Sunday night, when someone stole two propane tanks from the front yard of his home on the 700 Block of Avenue F.

"I've never had a problem here at this problem ever since I've lived here. It's been three years and I've never had an issue. I leave my car open sometimes by accident during the night and I've never had an issue. And this just happened to be somebody that must have seen it sitting here. I don't know," Wipf told MTN News on Monday.

Carnie Wipf speaks with MTN News about the propane tanks stolen from his front porch.

Wipf's security camera captured a blue SUV that made two passes by his home before the car parked and a person hopped out, walked to the porch and took the tanks that Wipf usually uses to power his grill.

Carnie Wipf said this vehicle was transporting the person who stole two propane tanks from his front porch.

Wipf posted his security camera video to social media, hoping to inform his neighbors and others in the community about the thief.

"I posted it on Facebook yesterday just so that everybody is aware. Whatever I've seen on social media, I know that the thefts are going around. I'm not going to track them down. It would be nice if we could find the people who did that, but I don't know," Wipf said.

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