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Poly Food Basket takes precautions for customers

Posted at 7:48 PM, Apr 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-05 21:48:13-04

A Billings grocery store has implemented ways make it safer for its customers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

A half hour before the 9 a.m. opening, the crew at Poly Food Basket sanitizes grocery carts, door handles and surface items to make sure things are as clean as possible.

It also has two automated hand sanitizers at the entrance and near the meat department.

The store is also asking customers to refrain from bringing in reusable bags that could be contaminated.

"We've just taken that initiative ourselves and we've been doing this for oh, a couple weeks now," said Bret Bernier, Poly Food Basket Meat Department Manager. "Taking extra precautions. We're cleaning throughout the day all day long and trying to maintain the meat department the best we can. We do have a relatively small store but the customers have been very good about that, spacing themselves out in line and just waiting their turn. It has been a good response. Good results so far and we're just trying to do everything we possibly can to minimize the impact."

Bernier said business has increased about 30 percent since the Stay At Home order began and there is access to a good supply of food.