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New electric vehicle chargers unveiled in downtown Billings

Posted at 6:02 PM, May 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-07 20:56:21-04

Billings Mayor Bill Cole Joined community members and the parking division to announce the unveiling of six new electric vehicle charging stations, four of which are located at the Wells Fargo parking garage on Second Avenue.

The other two charging stations are located on Billings hospital campuses.

During the event Friday morning, Cole shed light on what he said to be the advantages of electric cars over conventional gas engines.

“Internal combustion engines contribute about 20 percent of our greenhouse gas emissions, even though cars today emit less than 10 percent of cars in the 1960s,” said Cole.

Cole said that electric vehicles give consumers everything they want, including speed and reliability, while eliminating harmful gases.

EV's lined up at unveiling

The arrival of the new charging stations comes after it was noticed that more electric vehicles were being seen in Billings.

With locations spread far out in Montana, the addition of more chargers will ensure consumers can cover longer distances before charging their vehicle.

Roger Harding, a local Tesla owner, said that he has no reason to switch back to a conventional gas-powered vehicle.

roger harding.png
EV charging station unveiling

“That massive screen, I mean the detail it shows you about the car, the maps, entertainment system. It’s got 16 speakers and YouTube and Hulu built in. When you are charging you can watch TV. You are never bored in the car,” said Harding.

tesla interior.png
EV charging station unveiling

Harding also noted the advantages when it comes to the cost of operating an electric car.

“My girlfriend has a 2013 Ford Escape. The mileage that she gets is roughly 260 miles per tank, very comparable to this (Harding’s Tesla). She filled up the other day and it cost her about $40. Even at a supercharger it costs me about $10 to $15 to have the same amount of range to the vehicle," said Harding.

It was also noted that more chargers will be coming to Billings Logan International Airport by the end of the summer.