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Neighbors say Billings intersection has dangerous history

Azia Huck
Posted at 6:05 PM, May 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-01 20:05:08-04

On Sunday afternoon, a two-car crash ended up in the front lawn of one Billings family home, and the close call has neighbors in the area speaking out about the safety of their intersection.

The crash happened at the uncontrolled intersection of 10th Street West and Terry Avenue, where one vehicle t-boned the other, sending both into the yard about 10 feet short of plowing straight into the home.

Neighbor Azia Huck witnessed the incident firsthand.

"We heard the loud crash, and we look outside and the crash ends up being in our neighbor's yard," Huck said Monday afternoon. "It had to have been within five to 10 feet away from entering the house itself."

Terry Crash

Huck said that the crash didn't cause any severe harm to those involved. Although she watched her neighbor's son, who was playing in his front yard, have to run and avoid the vehicles.

"It was scary to look out and see your neighbor's kid, like, running for his life," Huck said.

And for Huck, who has three kids of her own and lives directly across the street, she knows that it could have very easily been her family that encountered the close call.

"If that was going the opposite direction, that would've been our truck involved, our fence, and our family," Huck said. "We were just outside yesterday playing, and it's like, now we have to come outside and be scared?"

And Huck wasn't the only neighbor in the area worried about safety. Riley Terry, who lives a couple houses down from the crash, said that the intersection is a problem for many of his neighbors.

"We were talking about it at the accident scene yesterday, and people just cruise through there and don't look to yield or anything," Terry said. "The lady who lives in that house said that this is the third accident in four days that's been right here, and they've ended up in her yard every single time."

Huck believes that the neighborhood might be putting together a petition to add safety features to the area.

"Something absolutely needs to be done," Huck said. "With it being as busy of a street as it is, there needs to be some more frequent stops. It's scary when there's kids involved, and it's an uncontrolled intersection that could easily be fixed."

While the incident didn't severely harm anyone, Huck knows that next time they might not be so lucky.

"It's scary when you do have little ones running around," Huck said. "Everyone involved in this one thankfully wasn't hurt, but they could've been."