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MSU Billings hosts suicide prevention workshop

Posted at 10:56 PM, Nov 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-08 16:29:50-05

BILLINGS - Happiness is hard to pursue and attain, but people can engage in more meaningful activities to feel better.

That was the focus of a lecture on suicide prevention at MSU Billings on Thursday.

University of Montana Professor Dr. John Sommers-Flanagan spoke at the library building about the "Facebook-Instagram" effect.

"We compare ourselves and we end up feeling less good about our own lives," Sommers-Flanagan said.

He said people read posts and are now doing more self-comparison today than in the entire history of mankind.

The professor said it's harder today to maintain good mental health and that's partly because of the effects of social media.

"Part of the key to mental health is really to do things that are meaningful,” he said. “That involve social connection and positive social relationships that really involve helping others. That involve emotional expression and trying to understand our emotions and our feelings. All that helps us with our mental health. And if we have a good mental health foundation, then we're more likely to feel happy more often than not."

"Montana Social Scientists" is hosting the two-day series of lectures.

More workshops are scheduled for Friday starting at 8:30 a.m. in the MSUB Library Building.