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Montana's Strongest competition features state records in Billings

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Posted at 5:54 PM, Aug 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-28 20:02:49-04

The Second Annual Montana's Strongest brought out some excitement, including the establishment of state records at the All American Pharmaceuticals parking lot in Billings

Previously, no records had been kept for the deadlift and axel lift.

Theresa Grantham set a state record of 150 pounds in the axel lift for her weight class and she also lifted 440 pounds in the deadlift for a women's state record.

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"It was extremely satisfying," Grantham said. "I've been working on this since about January. I kind of mentally play it out my mind and get warmed up and focus on my movements and it just, it all comes together, hopefully."

Masters competitor Chad Lowry set a state record of 725 pounds in the deadlift.

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"Oh man it's great," Lowry said. "It was wonderful. I love it. Depends on the day and today it felt really good. Decided to start with 700 and then went up super easy so figured I jump 25 pounds and see if I could get my PR and I got her."

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"The athletes love it," event promoter Ron Wilson said about the enthusiasm of crowd. "It's the adrenaline rush, you know, and the more they hoot and holler the heavier they can lift."

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Montana's Strongest challenges the athletes with some special events.

"The farmers, the yoke walks and all of the stone lifting," Wilson said. "You know, so you're lifting heavy objects. Fun to watch."

"It carries over into life and I noticed a lot of things in life are easier," said David Legros, U.S. Strongman state rep for Montana. "And a lot of clientele that I've had that I've cross trained with Strongman. They actually find things in life are a lot easier."

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"My satisfaction is just watching everybody hit PRs, you know, and everybody cheering each other on," Wilson said.

"Everybody's kind of a big family and very supportive," Grantham said. "And just everyone's here for each other."

Wilson coaches some of the athletes, including Lowry.

"A lot of the sport is mind game and the will to get her done," Lowery said. "You know once Ron put me on a regimen, got me going and I found my passion. There's no stopping me now."

Wilson and Legros hope to eventually host a national competition.