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Montana Melt feeds educators across Billings as an act of appreciation

Posted at 9:51 AM, Mar 23, 2024

BILLINGS — Montana Melt, a Columbus-based food truck, spent Friday morning feeding the staff of Washington Elementary School.

“Everybody remembers their mom or their grandma on a day like today," said Kevin Campoy, the owner and operator of the food truck, about Friday's snowy weather, "you’re coming home from school, cold, you take off all of your jacket and stuff, and your mom’s got a nice hot grilled cheese for you.”

Josh Monson, the principal of Washington Elementary, said he partnered with Montana Melt as a surprise act of appreciation ahead of the school's spring break.

“Whether its Symphony in the Park or other big, large, community events, (Montana Melt is) always there," said Monson.

Campoy said he typically does not cater private events under 40 people to ensure a profit, but he makes an exception for Yellowstone County educators.

“When they ask me to come out on a really cold wintery day, drive all the way from Columbus, which was terrible driving, it’s worth it for the 26 sandwiches because these teachers, they provide so much for the community," said Campoy.

Montana Melt catered for a similar size of staff at the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch on Wednesday.

“I absolutely love just cooking food for people, just watching that smile from their face, knowing that they had a good bite to eat," said Shawn Larsen, a line cook with Montana Melt.