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Montana Audubon Society hosts nationwide nature enthusiasts for Owl Prowl

Posted at 4:44 PM, Mar 20, 2024

BILLINGS — The Montana Audubon Center hosted approximately 20 people during its Owl Prowl event on Friday night.

“It helps us to slow down … To take a step away from our busy lives and to connect with a bigger thing than just our ... things that we do every day," said David Conner, a photographer from Florida and participant in the event.

The event consisted of a brief informational session on the variety of owls found across Montana and an hour-long hike, where various owl noises were played to attract wild owls.

“Sometimes (the public) think of nature as this thing that’s really far away, and we’re not involved with it," said Lily Morris, an educator with the Montana Audubon Center, "(we are) just trying to bridge and, like, build that relationship between people and nature."

The nature area is also said by Rock Mclean, a Montana Audubon Center educator, to be home to a wide diversity of the state's wildlife, including raccoons, beavers, skunks, blue herons, foxes, and coyotes and others.

"We have a lot of wildlife. Y’know, 22 years ago it was a gravel pit ... We’re kind of proud of that because it’s turned into something. It’s a real gem," said Mclean.