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MetraPark fireworks display offers a safe way to celebrate Fourth of July

Metra Fireworks
Posted at 7:57 PM, Jul 04, 2024

BILLINGS — As lighting fireworks are illegal within the city of Billings, MetraPark's Celebrate Freedom fireworks event will offer viewers a safe way to enjoy the Fourth of July.

The Billings Police has been flooded this past week with firework complaints, with over 113 calls, not including the day of. Within city limits, it is illegal to sell and use fireworks, punishable by a fine of up to $500, per city code 14-401.

Fireworks can be fun, but also incredibly dangerous.

“I've seen firework injuries consisting of missing fingers and all the way even to the most simplest of things of, 'Hey, you just started a grass fire.'” said Jonathan Cunningham, the crew lead for the Billings fireworks display.

Instead of running the risk of a fine, people can watch at MetraPark, home to the city's biggest fireworks show.

“If people don't want to drive to Laurel, or they don't want to go out to Roundup, they have an option to stay close to home, come here, have fun, and it doesn't have to cost you money,” said Darian Armer, the local outreach director at Harvest Church, who is putting on the event.

For the past four years, the church has hosted Celebrate Freedom at the Metra.

"Our four values at Harvest are that we're word centered, growth expected, we're community-focused, which is what Celebrate Freedom is all about, the community, and we're also fun required. So we're going to have a great time," said Armer.

The event will host plenty of food trucks, activities, performances, and of course, a massive fireworks show.

“We want people to be safe. We know it's illegal to light up your own fireworks here, so if you have an option to come watch an awesome curated fireworks show, we're hoping that maybe you won't go get injured doing your own fireworks elsewhere,” said Armer.

Weeks of planning goes into the $48,000 production engineered by Big Sky Fireworks, a group of firefighters in Montana.

"Approximately 200 to 300 rounds that they get fired in off out of the mortars, and we have our grand finale trailer, which that's all gonna go off at once," said Jonathan Cunningham, the crew lead for the Billings fireworks display.

“We have approximately 200 to 300 rounds that get fired in off out of the mortars. And we have our grand finale trailer, which that's all gonna go off at once, and is super cool. It's always nice to be able to blow stuff up and safely do so,” said Cunningham.

Professional-grade fireworks will be used and timed perfectly for a dazzling show; a way to have fun safely.

“Fourth of July, you wanna go out, you wanna play with fireworks. I get it, I've been there," said Cunningham. "Let the professionals handle the city of Billings tonight. Let's keep all of our fingers, all of our toes. Let's respect the city of Billings and what the laws are.”

The event will begin at 6 pm and run until dark. The music for the fireworks can be found on AM 790 and 94.7 FM.