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Marijuana opponents concerned about potential increased drug use

Posted at 5:36 PM, Sep 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-27 13:25:16-04

A group opposed to the legalization of marijuana in Montana, voiced its opposition Saturday to two ballot initiatives up for vote in November.

"Wrong For Montana" is against Initiative 190 which would legalize marijuana in the state.

Wind forced the group indoors at South 24th Street West & King Avenue West, after its demonstration in the Heights in the morning.

The group is also against Constitutional Initiative 118 that would set the minimum legal age for marijuana consumption at 21 years old.

The opponents say they're concerned about what has happened in other states that have passed similar laws.

"In Denver or Seattle, when they legalized it, the use of Marijuana doubled in every single age bracket," said Steve Zabawa, Wrong For Montana Treasurer. "So if you think we've got drug issues today, illegal drug issues with our families and our communities and so forth with meth and heroine and so forth, it's going to double upon legalization of marijuana. That's exactly what's happened in the other cities."

The group "New Approach Montana" helped get the initiatives qualified for the ballot...and says the proposals will help veterans...improve public safety....and strengthen the state's economy.

I-190 would require the Department of Revenue to license and regulate cultivation, transportation and sale of marijuana.