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Malevo Dance Company offers cultural exchange with Laurel High School students

Posted at 6:21 PM, Feb 29, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-29 20:21:53-05

The Malevo dance company, featured on America's Got Talent, will be putting on shows at the Alberta Bair Theater this week. Prior to their performances, the group connected with students at Laurel High School.

“(Malevo) likes to show their culture … They feel like this is real important to work,” said Alego Acosta, with the help of a translator.

The students, the majority of whom were enrolled in Spanish courses, spent a class period learning about the cultural significance of the group's routines.

“Back in Argentina ... they're called gauchos; they're like the cowboys down there … Their dance is like a representation of their culture," said Levi Love, a Laurel High School student.

The students showed animated excitement about the performance and participation according to Acosta. Students said the event offered an authentic opportunity to practice their Spanish.

“You might go to a different country of a different culture, and if you know absolutely nothing about it, how are you supposed to enjoy the time there?" said Jett Berger, a Laurel High School student.