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Lockwood superintendent supports full-time schedule

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Posted at 6:20 PM, Feb 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-06 20:20:03-05

Parents at Lockwood schools are concerned their children have attended 40 percent as many in-person school days as those in School District 2.

Superintendent Tobin Novasio said the current schedule is based on Yellowstone County health recommendations.

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Tobin Novasio

He released new COVID-19 recommendations on Friday in the school board's agenda packet for the next meeting.

Lockwood schools currently has students attending two days a week for middle school and high school and shorter days for the elementary school.

Parents would like to have their children attend full time and have put out a petition.

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Amanda Hunt

"Let's see how many parents we have that feel like their kids could benefit from going back more days than two days a week, or half time for the younger kids," said Amanda Hunt, a parent who wrote the petition.

Novasio sent out a newsletter explaining the decisions for the COVID plans.

In the agenda, Novasio stated he supports option B for a modified full-time plan with the middle and high schools going two full days Monday through Thursday, starting on Feb. 22.

Elementary schools would come back March 8.

Option A would keep the schedule as it is now.

We spoke with parents on Thursday before Novasio posted the recommendations.

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Monique Rumler

"With the elementary school students only being in half day, it has given a lot of obstacles to divorce parents or, you know, full time families where both the parents are out of the house working," said Monique Rumler. "And so, one of my major concerns of course is academics."

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Danielle Olson

"I'm here mostly as an advocate for the students whose parents aren't there for them," said Danielle Olson. "And I'm extremely worried about our community and the health effects that this has on the students."

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Kinley Crane

"It's just stressful trying to get all the work done," said Kinley Crane, Lockwood high school freshman. "And the teachers trying to cram all of the work for the whole week into those two days that we're there is also really stressful. And it's stressful for the teachers too."

Novasio said he will comment after the board votes, but in his report in the agenda he states: "Based on the most recent Yellowstone County metrics and the ongoing downward trend...I recommend we as a district move away from the...guidance we have been order to be more aggressive in having students on campus more."

"I'm personally okay with four days a week," said Hunt. "I just want more than we have now."

The Lockwood school board will consider the Superintendent's recommendations at its next meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 9.