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Lockwood schools going to full time COVID plan

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Posted at 10:40 PM, Feb 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-11 00:40:14-05

The Lockwood School Board voted 4-3 Tuesday night to give families the option of returning to full-time school.

Students had been attending two days a week in the middle and high schools and half a day elementary schools.

Some parents are happy with the decision to return to full-time school.

"Tons of excitement," said Amanda Hunt, a parent with the children in the Lockwood cshools. "A lot of parents that I knew that wanted their kids back full time, they all made comments on Facebook and were texting about just how excited the kids were."

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Amanda Hunt

Students may attend in person Monday through Thursday with half a day on Friday for the elementary school.

It is four days also for the high school and the middle school, and teachers will be available on Fridays for online and in-person students.

"We actually have some of those kids that have opted out that are coming in on Fridays to get help and sit down and meet with their teachers," said Tobin Novasio, Lockwood Schools superintendent. "Because they might not feel comfortable being in school with even half the kids here."

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Tobin Novasio

The pre-K and kindergarten classes will stay on the half-day schedule.

"Those kids have never been in a full day of school yet," Novasio said. "And we thought just making that transition at this time of year would probably be more detrimental to their learning than it would be to keep them in the half days and then make that transition next fall."

They say full-time school will help in other areas.

"They're missing out on social aspects," said Hunt. "They were missing out on PE, music, all of those things. So I'm excited to have the kids be able to get more of that as well."

Some parents prefer the old schedule.

"In talking with my principals, I think this was like a 60/40 type decision for most of us," Novasio said. "I don't think anybody felt, this is the only way we can do it. You know, the big thing going forward is, as a community, and as a school, we just need to respect everybody's opinions on that. We are all trying to do what we think are best for kids."

If the Yellowstone County metrics allow for it, the high school and the middle school will start on the new plan on Feb. 22 and the elementary school on March 8.

Masks and distancing will still be required where needed.

More information about the plan is available on the Lockwood Schools website.

Novasio reasons for recommending going back to full-time school is on the agenda for the Feb. 9 board meeting.