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Laurel antique store helps flood victims

Blessed Beginnings Antique Shop
Posted at 5:56 PM, Jul 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-11 19:56:53-04

BILLINGS — Blessed Beginnings, an antique store in Laurel, is doing its name proud by helping surrounding communities damaged by floods and people in need.

"I had a dream one night and the name of the business, Blessed Beginnings, was in that dream," said Laurie Parpart, owner of Blessed Beginnings, which opened 15 years ago at 101 W. Main St.

What began as a dream is now very much a reality, and Blessed Beginnings is going strong, and the owner is leveraging that strength to help others.

When the devastating floods tore through several communities along the Stillwater and Yellowstone rivers last month, homes were destroyed, and many are looking to rebuild.

"I am in contact with one of the girls from Fromberg and she is going to get people coming in to coordinate different things they need right now," Parpart said.

Parpart is collecting items, such as furniture, at her store, which she is then distributing to flood victims. She said she's accepting donations from the community.

She added that just like her store’s name, she feels blessed. Her business, a chance to help others in need. Blessed Beginnings operates on donations and consignment, which means the owner of the item gets a large percentage of the sale.

But donations are different and in this case, an opportunity for Parpart to help her customers when they need it.

"It’s just amazing what we can help out with when people donate things," says Parpart.

Yes, it’s a business that may be old-fashioned. A business with a “blessed beginning” and a mission that 15 years later remains the same.

"Just to keep doing what we are doing and help the community as we can," states Parpart.