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Jobs Jamboree in Billings provides opportunities for employers and employees

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Posted at 10:51 PM, Apr 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-22 00:51:01-04

While many businesses were forced to close or lay off workers during the early months of the pandemic, some are now struggling to find them.

More than 100 companies and government agencies came to the Job Services and Employer Community Jobs Jamboree at the Montana Pavilion on Wednesday.

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Organizers of the job fair say it's a job seekers market.

And others are saying it's more challenging to find workers, but they do say it is an opportunity at the job fair.

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"We feel like it's competitive," said Jeff Hudiburgh, A-1 Landscaping owner. "The people that want to work for the big conglomerates are going to go to them first. And the people that want to come to the small mom and pop places like myself, they're going to come to us so we both get our equal shot."

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"It's good exposure," said Travis Landers, 360 Office Solutions human resources director. "Get your name out there and let people know it's good to be able to hand out your card to lots of people and get to know them. It also connects you with different resources across the community that are trying to help job seekers as well."

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"It's a great opportunity even if you aren't hiring a tremendous amount," said Jennifer Kobza, Jobs Jamboree chair. "It's a great way to get your business information and awareness out about your company as well so great branding opportunity."

The jamboree helps in finding good employees in Billings.

"Billings is a little easier to hire in," Landers said. "But definitely it's challenges in Helena, challenges in Bozeman for sure. Pretty successful in Great Falls."

"As a small business owner here in our community, I also do that hiring," Kobza said. "And some of those positions are really hard to find good qualified people that want to be involved in an organization."

"Definitely less people out enjoying it," Landers said. "But it is good that it's back and it's nice to get back into some normal routines. We all get a little rusty after skipping a year with these sorts of things."

Kobza said the job fair is about a month later than usual and some companies have already done some seasonal hiring.

"For us now at this point, it's kind of filling in those loose gaps and we're going to hopefully get that done," Hudiburgh said. "We're always looking for that next good candidate."

Some people filling out the applications had interviews and some may be getting interviews later.