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Inaugural West End Mini Farmer's Market held

Posted at 9:22 AM, Jun 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-14 11:22:08-04

"So this is the first ever West End Mini Farmer's Market. It's here in our Billings Seafood Guys retail location, 3201 Hesper Road. We've got seven vendors here today. It's our first opportunity to get out, have a show, and have an opportunity to support local," market organizer and business owner Jon Wanderaas said.

"So we've got Rae Rae's, 406 Spices, Spiked Olive, High Five Meats, Swanky Roots, and Campfire Blend Coffee," Wanderaas said.

"Who else makes Whiskey Coffee?", an employee of Campfire Blend Coffee said.

Wanderaas has been in business here in Billings about two years now. He is originally from Alaska, and now spends his time supplying the community with wild Alaskan seafood.

Rae Rae's Bakery is both gluten free and vegan.

Her daughters have food sensitivities, and her other family members do not so they all try everything, for quality assurance-of course.

For some it's a hobby, for others, a lifeline.

"We're all connected one way or the other, there's all the shows, everyone here has done different markets, or been around each other, so it's really cool to finally come together to do our own thing," Wanderaas said.