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Ice cream store celebrates opening at Rimrock Mall

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Posted at 9:31 AM, Jan 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-24 11:42:15-05

The owners of Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream are celebrating a grand opening this weekend, after a soft opening in November.

Lisa and Jamie Norby had shops in Oregon and Washington that struggled because of COVID and other issues.

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They chose to come to Billings and set up a store in the Rimrock Mall.

What sets them apart from others is that Sub Zero makes the ice cream right in front of the customer.

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"What makes us really unique is that we have options vegan, non dairy, a low fat, keto option original sugar free," said Lisa Norby, Sub Zero Nitrogen co-owner.

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Jamie and Lisa Norby

Family, friends and business contacts led to a chance to bring their business to Billings.

"We wouldn't be here without every one of these people that have walked into that door," said Lisa Norby. "So we thank everyone. Refuse failure. Keep going."

"And we knew we had a good niche that Billings would embrace," said Jamie Norby, also a co-owner. "And they have, which is great."

Ice cream isn't the only thing on the menu for Lisa and Jamie.

They have dreams to do science demonstrations for kids and they also plan to go back to Oregon to open up another shop.