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Homicide trial for Absarokee man continues in Glendive

Posted at 8:10 PM, Jan 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-25 12:01:19-05

The trial in Glendive of an Absarokee man accused of running over a killing another man during a 2013 festival completed its third day of testimony Friday, according to the Glendive Ranger-Review.

Michael Holtz is facing negligent homicide charges for the death of Forest Dana, who was found dead in July 2013 in an alley near his home by his parents.

The case was moved to Dawson County Courthouse in Glendive after Holtz's attorneys sought a change of venue following years of twist and turns through the courts.

The trial, which started Wednesday, featured testimony from Dana's mother, Cynthia Dana, law enforcement, a forensic pathologist and witnesses from the night, when the town was celebrating Absarokee Days.

Prosecutors say that Holtz was driving drunk when he ran over Dana, who had passed out drunk in the alley while walking home after a night of partying.

The trial is expected to last through Jan. 31. Watch the video below to learn more and check the Ranger-Review for updates.

Homicide trial of Absarokee man continues in Glendive