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Heights' Gainan's celebrates Billings spring for nearly 75 years with garden party

Posted at 5:18 PM, Apr 28, 2024

Gainan's Flowers celebrated the start of spring with a garden party at its heights location from Saturday through Sunday.

“If you like beauty, and color, and growth, that just makes somebody a plant person," said Candi Korf, who was shopping with friends.

The annual event was host to seasonal plants, food trucks, vendors, and gardening seminars.

“The exciting part about plants is the rewards that you get from them – and they’re not much different from us," said Mick Gainan, who runs the flower shops across Billings with his family.

The store was conceived of in 1951, when Mick's father, who was a Billings firefighter for 10 years, decided to quit his job and open the family's first flower shop.

“You do establish a green thumb after awhile, being around all of this," said Jim Gainan, Mick's son.

The father and son duo said the store now specializes in geraniums, with over 7,000 being offered this year, vegetables, and herbs.

“When we plant it, you can’t forget about it. So, you just continue to nurture and keep that plant going," said Mick.