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Halloween comes early to Billings with Harry Potter-themed summer camp

Moss Mansion hosts multiple themed summer camps during the year, Harry Potter being one of them
Harry Potter summer camp
Posted at 5:41 AM, Jun 28, 2024

BILLINGS — For most, October is the spookiest time of year, but at the Moss Mansion, Halloween comes a few months early.

If you visit the Moss Mansion during the month of June, the inside might look a lot more like Hogwarts, the famed wizard school from the Harry Potter universe.

Harry Potter summer camp

"You're not going to find another place like this," says Moss Mansion Executive Director Aly Turner.

Aly Turner, Moss Mansion

For the past four years, the Moss Mansion has brought Halloween, magic, and the summer together with its Harry Potter-themed summer camp.

Harry Potter summer camp

There are two sessions hosted during the month of June, with the second session ending June 28.

But if you've missed this, don't worry as Moss Mansion is also hosting a Percy Jackson and etiquette-themed summer camp.

"It's a great home for the set up of this camp and for Harry Potter. The house is a little reminiscent of Hogwarts," camp counselor and social media manager Gabby Heggem says.

Gabby Heggem, Moss Mansion

From 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday through Friday, camp counselors Roslyn Visser and Heggem teach young muggles all about Harry Potter.

Rosalyn Visser, Moss Mansion

The kids play quidditch, design their own wands, and even take classes like herbology.

"Why do a Harry Potter event in a historical house like this? It's like, we want you to explore the house in a new way," said Turner.

Turner and other staff at Moss are passionate about getting tourists in the mansion multiple times a year. So, they have different events and activities in the same building.

Even though this summer camp may be coming to a close, other wizard events are on the way. On July 20, the Moss Mansion is holding a Harry Potter "Tri-Wizard Tournament," which will feature spirit testing, a trivia contest, and magic-themed games.

Harry Potter summer camp