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Grand opening: Start-up coffee shop and eatery open in downtown Billings

Rembold helping customer
Posted at 8:36 PM, Jul 10, 2023

BILLINGS - Sweetwater Coffeehouse & Eatery opened up for business Tuesday morning, serving drinks and delicacies out of the Rock31 building in downtown Billings.

The business is a dream come true for Lisa Rembold and her daughter but also falls right in line with the philosophy of Rock31.

Rock31 is a business incubator, which hopes to provide entrepreneurs with a space to help get their business ventures off the ground. For Rembold, her main goal is simple.

"I just want to make everybody happy," Rembold said.


After working in the restaurant business for many years, Rembold's most recent venture is special because she can partner with her daughter.

“She has always worked for me because since my kids were little. I was in the restaurant business," Rembold said. "She was never big on the food part of it, but this has always been her dream to move into a coffee shop."

The two have since set out on opening up their own coffee shop. When the space opened up at Rock31, they jumped at the chance.

“It’s a really great way to get somebody, especially if you were just starting out, to walk right into a place and be able to take off from there,” Rembold said. "It's cool to serve all these people that are sort of in the same situation."

With many different entrepreneurs working out of the office space, Rembold said it's great to be surrounded by people with similar aspirations. Rock31 Interim Director Kayla Vokral said that's exactly what they aim to do.

"I think that's the magic of it, right?" Vokral said. "It's that we can be the catalyst for them. The goal of it is to give them a taste of what owning a coffee shop or cafe is and graduate them out."

Eventually, like all of the other businesses at Rock31, Rembold will hope to move out and find her own storefront. But for now, she's enjoying launching a business with her daughter.

"I don't think that she realized how much work it would be to get it all up and running," Rembold said with a laugh. "But it's really fun. It's something we just have together."