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Flakesgiving volunteers ready to help in Billings

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Posted at 7:47 PM, Nov 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-18 21:47:06-05

Volunteers made quick work of getting all the meals prepared for Flakesgiving in Billings Friday.

The Breakfast Flakes and volunteers will give out Thanksgiving dinners at the MetraPark fairgrounds Saturday starting at noon.

They'll have all the tables set up and everything ready to go with lots of people coming through to continue a Flakesgiving tradition of helping people.

The Breakfast Flakes, the morning deejays at the Billings-based radio station Cat Country 102.9, have celebrated Flakesgiving for more than three decades.

"It brings the community together so we can all be just one big heart," said Annika Yates, a Flakesgiving volunteer. "And packing the meals, that's— in my opinion— is that way of showing people we do care."

Yates has been part of the event for 19 years, all her life.

She helps pack the boxes for Thanksgiving celebrations.

And she's been inspired by the Breakfast Flakes, Paul Mushaben and Mark Wilson.

"I grew up listening to them every morning growing up," Yates said. "It warms my heart I've seen them."

Others have also been inspired to help with Flakesgiving with close to 300 high school students from around the area, helping assemble 1,500 dinners.

"We've seen all kinds of people through the years," Wilson said. "Maybe you're laid off right now and you don't have money for a meal for your family. Come get one that's what that's exactly what they're for."

Donors and volunteers make Flakesgiving an annual tradition.

"If people do trust you with their money, then more money comes in," Wilson said about the success of Flakesgiving. "And this is the 34th year, and this has just grown, and people have just been overly generous."

"If it wasn't for Mark and Paul, you know, we just wouldn't have it," said Kevin Redfield, a Flakesgiving volunteer.

Redfield received a Flakesgiving dinner about 30 years ago and has been inspired to help for the last 26 years.

"And I told myself if I ever get out of this line, I would help out and I have," Redfield said.

And he's seen many young people learning from Flakesgiving.

"To motivate him and show him that you give something out, it comes back," said Redfield.

"Here's your Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving," Yates said about giving out the dinners.