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Fishtail holds annual family event to help community

Posted at 7:05 PM, Jun 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-26 12:00:14-04

For about a quarter century, Fishtail has hosted Family Fun Day.

Some talked about canceling or rescheduling the event because of flooding.

With damage to roads and bridges, most useed one road and a pilot vehicle system, which caused delays, but they still managed to enjoy the tradition.

The national anthem and the honor guard led off the parade.

"We knew that we were going to do this for our community and the community surrounding us because of the flood," said Katy Martin, a volunteer and owner of the Fishtail General Store. "And yeah, there's been people from all over we're just we're thrilled to have this opportunity."

"It's just small community support," said Roger Nummerdor, a veteran. "We support anything that's done in fishtail or Nye , and they support everything that's done in Absarokee. That's how small towns are like, that's what we're for."

"What's fun about it, you see so many people and a lot of them," said Jerry Brown, a veteran. "It's fun, just talking to him and see if he can buy a ticket."

Brown and Nummerdor sold raffle tickets for VFW Post 7311 in Absarokee.

The fun day caters to families and children with Max Abbott came with his wife Adele and son Ozzy, from Southern California back to the hometown.

"All the memories and just a nice day now to be able to bring my kid back," said Max Abbott. " It's it's a great experience."

Adele Abbott - "It's really fun to get to participate it in it and experience it through (Ozzy's) eyes," Adele Abbott said.

Artists and others have a chance to bring their work.

"Getting together and just going laughing," said Roger Giese, an artist. "And you hear laughter on the street right? It all and it's just beautiful to be part of that right?"

It was important to carry on with the event enjoyed by so many.

"It was really hard to make that decision because everybody's hurting so bad but the committee decided that it would be the best thing," Martin said. "And maybe everybody could kind of have a day to kind of forget stuff."

The camaraderie through the years came out with neighbors still helping neighbors after the flooding.

"That's how we were founded," Giese said. "Let's have it let's have a celebration of who we are. Our friendships."

"This really is typical small town America,"Martin said. "You know these communities like Nye and Absarokee and fishtail. everybody helps everybody."

The money raised for Family Fun Day goes toward the park and the community center.