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Family Service gearing up for 2nd annual food drive in Billings

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Posted at 6:01 PM, May 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-25 20:01:48-04

Family Service is gearing up for its second annual Double Down for Kids food drive on June 10. Last year, the drive brought in $32,000 and 8,000 pounds of food, and organizers expect to bring in more donations this year.

Jane McCracken, senior director of development, said Monday afternoon that in Yellowstone County, one out of six families do not have enough food in their home. One out of four families are below the federal poverty guidelines.

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Family Service gears up for double down for kids

Family Service's mission is to feed those that fall within the two categories.

McCracken said that locally, Family Service collaborates with various organizations such as St. Vincent de Paul and The Community Crisis Center.

Like last year, Family Service is teaming up with Master Lube and Q2 for its food drive. So far, McCracken estimates that $10,000 has already been raised for the food drive.

The money raised is used to buy food for the community in need at a much lower cost.

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Family Service gears up for double down for kids

“There are a number of organizations and other businesses that we work with that let us buy for pennies on a dollar. 59 cents for a jar of peanut butter. It is unlikely that you’d be able to find peanut butter for that price. That is the value of contributing dollars versus items, but both are so valuable,” said McCracken.

Stacey Brown, executive director for Family Service, says about 4,000 kids within the community will benefit from the food drive.

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Family Service gears up for double down for kids

“This is for the children of Billings, but I think with what we receive this year, we will also be able to take it as outreach to other communities. There are children everywhere within our area that have a need for extra food,” said Brown.

People who want to get involved with the drive can drop off food at any local area Master Lube location and the Q2 station.

Brown says that for individuals or families who are in need, all they have to do is stop by Family Service for assistance.