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Family fireworks stand open in Billings through day after Fourth of July

This 8ft by 8ft storage unit is small but mighty
Elysian Fireworks
Posted at 5:49 PM, Jul 05, 2024

BILLINGS — Although the Fourth of July has passed, that doesn't mean people stopped celebrating.

There's a tiny but mighty fireworks stand on the corner of Interstate Avenue and Elysian Road supplying late celebrators their fireworks, and their name is Elysian Fireworks. They plan on staying open Friday night until 11:59 p.m., or the legal limit in Montana.

Elysian Fireworks
Elysian Fireworks

"We're going right up to the clock. Going right up 'til 11:59 today," said Aiden Wick, the owner of Elysian Fireworks.

Wick and his family own the business, and in the last few days they have been busy.

Elysian Fireworks owners
Elysian Fireworks owners

"It started out a little bit slow in the morning, 'cuz there was a big rain that came, and we were a little worried that it might wash us out. But, luckily that passed by and sales started trickling in one after another, around noon. And from there, it just didn't stop," said Wick.

Wick says because of their grit and determination, they are different from other fireworks stands.

"Today we're doing a 20% flat discount. We're trying to get rid of our inventory, cause today's our last day," he said.

Elysian Fireworks
Elysian Fireworks

While some are ready to hear the loud, late night explosions fade away, others are planning to continue the celebration. That includes Kara Boyd and her husband, who are visiting family from out of town.

"We just wanted to put on a good, fun show for the kids. They've never experienced fireworks before," she said.

And Elysian Fireworks helped them do it.

"We just wanted fun and colorful. This is not something we usually do," says Boyd.

Elysian Fireworks

Although the holiday has passed, Wick and his family don't plan to stop any time soon, as they plan on reopening next year.

"This has been a really great learning opportunity for myself and everyone else involved. My whole family... just doing the fireworks thing, but also getting to learn about retail in general, and what it takes to start up your own business with regulations," said Wick.