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Equestrians compete at Big Sky State Games

Posted at 6:44 PM, Jul 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-12 10:39:46-04

The 35th Annual Big Sky State Games will not have as many events.

Most of the sports are set for next weekend, but shooting sports and equestrian started in Billings on Saturday.

Dorthy Parnell, who has worked with the same horse for 28 years, won the mini horses obstacle course at the pony show at the Metrapark SuperBarn.

Since it's essentially outdoors, equestrian events could go on at the state games.

Those inside needed to wear masks and organizers disinfected and sanitized.

COVID-19 does not affect the horses, but a human precaution for COVID could.

"A lot of the horses don't like you to wear a mask," said Roz Robinson, pony show commissioner. "It scares them. So if you walk up to a horse, with a mask, and he jumps back, we just have to be careful."

Robinson said the competition provided a good opportunity.

"People need a place to go with their animals," Robinson said. "We did have good participation. I was surprised that it was as many, with what's going on. It's a fun day. They don't win money. they just win medals. And they have a good time and so do we."

More will compete on Sunday as part of Equestrian weekend at the MetraPark SuperBarn.