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Engineering firm HDR donates bikes to 3 elementary schools in Montana

Posted at 4:02 PM, Apr 12, 2023

BILLINGS — Engineering firm HDR is on a mission to deliver bicycles to three elementary schools in Montana, and their first stop was at Highland Elementary School in Billings this Wednesday morning.

P.E. class just got a bit more exciting for Highland Elementary’s kindergartners.

“Here at Highland Elementary, we’ve been able to provide them with 24 bikes in the classroom so that they can go through a curriculum and learn how to ride a bike,” said Robbi Schnabel, HDR’S area HR manager.

HDR partnered with the national organization All Kids Bike to make this possible.

“It was like awesome in the world!” said six-year-old Wyatt Sweeney.

Six-year-old Wyatt Sweeney

The goal is to make sure that all kids know how to ride a bike.

“I was really glad that they brought them here,” six-year-old Elliott Hern said.

Highland Elementary is just one of three elementary schools that will receive new bikes. The bike reveal for South Elementary in Laurel will be on Friday at 12:30 p.m.

“Don’t tell the kids in Laurel but there’s a reveal on Friday and we’re really excited to be in Arlee later next month to do something similar,” said Schnabel.

Many of these kids already know how to ride a bike.

“It’s my first bike that I’ve ever had that has a kickstand,” Sweeney said.

Now, they’ll get even more practice.

Six-year-old Brynleigh Gerstner

“I already know how to ride a bike but it’s kind of fun to go back and bike with no hands,” said six-year-old Brynleigh Gerstner.

They said they’ll never forget this special day.

“My favorite part about today that I think will go the best is riding the bike,” Sweeney exclaimed.