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Eagle Mount hosting Cycle To Soar fundraiser at Billings YMCA

2023 Cycle to Soar
Posted at 4:43 PM, Apr 01, 2024

BILLINGS - Eagle Mount Billings is hosting its second Cycle to Soar event on Saturday, where participants of all skills and abilities will ride stationary bikes to raise money and awareness for the nonprofit.

The event will once again be held at the Billings Family YMCA and will feature teams of eight, with each rider cycling for a 20-minute heat.

Eagle Mount Billings Executive Director Lynn Mullowney-Cabrera said the event encapsulates what a typical chaotic day at Eagle Mount looks like. Her organization provides residents with disabilities the chance to try different activities.

"It's like a big party every day," Mullowney-Cabrera said of their day-to-day operations. "All types of disabilities are welcome here."

Those activities include anything from bowling, rock climbing, or skiing, along with simple skills such as baking. On the final day of the organization's week-long spring break camp, which is held so that kids who don't have school can stay busy while their parents are at work, the group was making Rice Krispy treats.

"What seems like normal, mundane activities, we have a way to turn them into fun, engaging activities that really celebrate a person's differences," Mullowney-Cabrera said.

To provide as many opportunities as possible, the nonprofit needs commitment from the community, which is where the Cycle to Soar event comes in.

"Last year, it was a little bit of a test run," Mullowney-Cabrera said. "But it went so well, and it really was just a perfect representation of what we are trying to do here. All are welcome, regardless of skill or ability."

Mullowney-Cabrera said that last year's event featured around 20 teams, and she expects more than 30 in the event this year. Still, she said there's room for more, and people can register on their website as an individual or a full team.

"There's still time," Mullowney-Cabrera said. "We'd love to see you sign up and come ride with us. It's a great day."

While the event will generate much-needed revenue, Mullowney-Cabrera said the biggest impact they see is in awareness. She said many Billings residents don't even know that Eagle Mount exists.

"As many people as we serve, we could serve that many again, but they just don't know that we're here," Mullowney-Cabrera said. "Events like these can help spread the word that this is an option for people living with disabilities of all ages."

It's a day that means a lot to Mullowney-Cabrera and her team, as they try and reach as many people as possible.

"It doesn't focus on what a person can't do," Mullowney-Cabrera said. "It focuses on the potential of an individual and that's what makes it special."