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Billings area drivers ready to travel on snowy roads

Posted at 11:05 PM, Dec 12, 2022

BILLINGS - With slick roads and blowing snow, several crashes were already reported throughout Billings on Monday evening.

And southeast of Billings, delays are expected because of highway closures.

TheMontana Department of Transportation map showed some rough roads on Interstate 94 east of Billings and Interstate 90 west of Billings early Monday night.

Some stopping for fuel at the Pilot Flying J truck stop in Lockwood, had already been on the roads and the weather at that time was not keeping them from continuing on their trips.

"I'm coming from Missoula," said A.Z., a truck driver. "Roads are good. It's kind of slippery, but it's okay."

"I didn't get in snow till closer to Cody," said Michael Cottrill, a truck driver. "Then after I left Cody to up here to Billings, it started to get a little bit heavier, but the roads weren't bad at all."

"About Forsyth this way, it starts to get the snow and blowing snow," said Brandon May. "Trucks make it tough because hardly any visibility if you get behind a truck or something. The left lane, the fast lane is pretty snow-covered. Right lanes pretty clear."

And with the weather as it is now they're ready to head home or get to the destinations.

"He got his finals done early and I ran up and grabbed him hopefully to get back safe," May said about his son.

"I can't complain," A.Z. said. "Because the weather conditions, the people are cleaning (the roads)."

"That's a dedicated route," said Kevin Roy, who planned on driving his truck to Great Falls. "I do it every night, so I know what to expect. It can be a little tedious obviously, but like I said, I know what to expect so I'm used to the route, the roads."

With all the miles for these truck drivers, they have some good advice for staying safe in treacherous conditions.

"For any cars trucks, even if you even rigs in this visibility, if it's going to be really bad, you're going real slow either pull over or put on your hazards," said Roy.

"When the snow's falling, bad weather, just use some common sense and drive to your comfort level," Cottrill said. "(If you) drive past your comfort level, you get a little nervous."