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Dirt and track: motorsports events over the weekend in Billings

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Posted at 6:05 PM, Aug 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-30 20:00:07-04

BILLINGS — Two motorsports events set up in Billings over the weekend to offer people a dose of speed and adrenaline.

082921 HILL CLIMB AIR.jpg
A rider catches air at the 2021 IRC Motoclimb Super Series at the Billings Motorcycle Club facility.

The afternoon on Sunday saw side by side racing in the IRC Motoclimb Super Series at the Billings Motorcycle Club.

Riders have the challenge to navigate the 350 feet long track right up the side of the hill made of bentonite.

The Sunday rides in Billings wrapped up a four stop tour for the IRC Motoclimb Super Series and a weekend of hill climbs at the Billings Motorcycle Club.

082921 HILL CLIMB WIDE.jpg
It's a long track that takes seconds to summit for the pros on the back of motorcycles. The bentonite hill at the Billings Motorcycle Club facility in Billings.

In the MetraPark upper parking lot, members of the Yellowstone Region Sports Car Club of America put on a track day. Club members and anyone off the street could try their hand at the street course and post a time on the board.

“We teach you how to drive the car here, what the car does, how to handle, how to shift it and things like that. All in all, we just have fun and compete for time and try to beat each other," said Jerod Staebler, Yellowstone Region Sports Car Club of America member.

Jerod Staebler, member of the Yellowstone Region Sports Car Club of America.

Staebler said he's been racing cars since he was 16-years-old. He's been involved with the club for countless years and while it does get competitive, the racing is really about the fun.

“If somebody breaks their car and we can’t get it fixed, we say, “Here, have our car. Jump in. You break it, you buy it.’ But it is what it is. We’re kind of like a big family out here," Staebler said.

082921 SPORTS CAR WIDE.jpg
Two cars stop on the track for a delay at the Yellowstone Region Sports Car Club of America track day in Billings.

Racing cars is a family affair for Staebler. He said his dad taught him and his brother the love for the sport. Over the weekend, he got to see his teenage son Tate go round the track for the first time.

"Bringing my boy in, it feels awesome. Now I'm like, 'Crap, I don't even care if I race anymore.' I just want to make sure that he does good and it just brings a huge smile to my face to watch him drive and everything. Because I started out racing with my dad and my brother and me. Now passing it down to my boy. I've got a three year old daughter. When she's old enough, I'm going to put her in a go cart and she's going to be racing. It gets addicting and it's awesome," Staebler said.

082921 TATE STAEBLER.jpg
Tate Staebler prepares to start a lap in the upper parking lot of MetraPark in Billings during a Yellowstone Region Sports Car Club of America track day.

The club throws about six track days per year at locations like MetraPark, Shrine Auditorium and Yellowstone Drag Strip. On Saturday, there were 37 cars and 42 drivers that made laps at MetraPark, Staebler said.

Members of the public are welcome to come view the events. Maybe if you're lucky, and ask nicely enough, one of the drivers might take you out for a ride, Staebler said.

"We give rides all the time. All the spectators can come out, we get them in the cars and take them for a ride and they're like, 'When is your next event? Can we come back and race?'", Staebler said.

To learn more about the sports car club, visit its website by clicking here.

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