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Devastating car crash leaves 3 injured; residents worried

Rimrock Crash
Posted at 4:56 PM, Oct 14, 2022

At about 8 pm Thursday night, a devastating car crash took place bringing homeowners along Rimrock road out of their houses to help tend to the three people injured.

The accident involved two different vehicles. Witnesses say a black Honda was driving at least 70 miles per hour down Rimrock before slamming into another vehicle backing into a driveway. The vehicle slid up off of the road and nearly went through a fence.

One of the neighbors that rushed to the scene was Jayme Reed.

"We were sitting on the deck and we heard the crash. We came running into the house to get help and then we went over there. I called 9-1-1. I don't know. It was really bad, just initially first getting up there," Reed said.

It's reckless behavior that residents in the area have become too familiar with. Laurie Weigel lives nearby the site of the accident. She said she hears cars flying down that road every night.

"Every time I hear it I pray that I don't hear the crash that is inevitable," Weigel said. "You just don't want to hear it. You don't want to put the EMT's through it. You don't want to just break families because of just being wild."

Residents also said that area is prone to accidents. There is a hill that makes it difficult to see vehicles as they travel west along the road.

"It definitely needs to be monitored," Reed said. "Just like a week ago there was a little boy hit on his bike because people are just speeding around not paying attention."

Homeowners nearby said that the Billings Police Department was busy cleaning the debris until four in the morning and the road wasn't opened back up until six.

"They were here pretty late," Reed said. "There were people just coming by all night."

While most of the debris had been picked up by noon Friday, there were still small remnants that remained — highlighting the seriousness of what happened.

A scary scene that many fear could happen again.

"I just think everyone needs to slow down, be more cautious, and watch out for each other," Reed said.