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Day of Remembrance remembers the unborn

Posted at 8:12 PM, Sep 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-12 22:12:24-04

Across the country, pro-life groups held ceremonies for the unborn, including in Billings.

Yellowstone Valley Christians for Life hosted the 8th Annual National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children on Saturday.

Close to 40 people came together for scripture readings, prayer and hymns.

The Memorial to the Unborn at the St. Pius X Calvary Cemetery served as the venue.

The service is a memorial for the unborn or aborted babies.

"We just want to remember them as unique individuals, unrepeatable lives that were snuffed out," said Amy Seymour, president of Yellowstone Valley Christians for Life. "And we hold no animosity for the women that made these decisions. But I would like to help them see a way around it because in the long run, it doesn't usually prove to be a good decision for women."

Nationwide, nearly 200 groups hosted Day of Remembrance events.

Yellowstone Valley Christians For Life will host 40 Days For Life starting on Sept. 23.