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Dax's Wingz N Thingz partners up with Miss Gigi's Bakery in Billings

Posted at 5:18 PM, Oct 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-21 19:19:19-04

BILLINGS — Dax's Wingz N Thingz now shares a Billings storefront with Miss Gigi’s Sweets, which has been a bakery staple in town since 2018.

It's an unusual pairing at 2401 Second Ave. N. that is creating a one-of-kind culinary experience that's not seen anywhere else in town.

Donuts aren’t typically a food that you think of when ordering chicken wings but when Brandon Miller, the owner of Dax’s Wings, saw a need in Billings, the new one-stop shop was born.

"Trying to find that, to me, perfect wing, was just not happening. And so, I was like you know what? I know a few people that have taught me things and shown me a few things, I’m going to bring that concept and bring it to Billings and go with it. So far, we’ve had a great turnout from it," said Miller.

The partnership came naturally because Angela Allen, founder of Miss Gigi’s Sweets, was already trying to branch out.

"We tried doing breakfast, and we tried doing the lunches, but it just didn’t develop a following because people associated us with the donuts and sweets more than, ‘hey let’s go to miss Gigi’s and get some tacos.’ We shut that down in preparation for him to take off with Dax’s because he had the concept nailed down quite some time ago, what he wanted to do. But it was just a matter of fine tuning and getting to the point where we could do it," Allen said.

Despite Dax’s being so new, opening in September, the two have seen success as a duo.

"There’s still a lot of people in Billings that have no clue we’re here and with Dax’s, it's pulling people that normally wouldn’t come into the bakery in. He runs the show at night, and I run it in the morning. It's helped bring more people in," said Allen.

According to Miller and Allen, the success of the unique tag team is pretty easily summed up.

"We both have a high set standard for what we want to go out that door. And if it doesn’t meet our quality, it doesn’t go out there at all," Allen added.

It's the uniqueness of the setup that excites them for the future.

"You can’t find anything like this anywhere and you have the best of everything in one place. You can get your breakfast, come back get lunch. If you want, you can even come grab dinner and dessert. So, it’s a one-stop shop for everything," added Miller.