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Circus act brings athleticism and performance to MontanaFair

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Posted at 10:47 PM, Aug 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-17 02:29:14-04

Some special athletes with some unique talents performed at MontanaFair.

Margarita Cedeno Leon performed her contortionist act at the fair's Thomas Carnival Circus.

"Actually it's no pain," Cedeno Leon said. "But sometimes I can't breathe when I put my head in the middle of my feet. So sometimes when I practice, I can't breathe but it's not hard for me."

"It sounds bad, contortion show," said John Hanschen, Thomas Carnival, Inc. president. "But it's just extreme athleticism is what it is. To be able to make those turns like they do, really athletic."

Hanschen brought the Cedeno Leon sisters circus act to the Mighty Thomas Carnival.

"We've not had that for years," he said. "And going back in carnival history it used to be rides and performances. Current years, it's been mostly rides. And this year in a pandemic year, this nice family travels with us and puts on a great show."

Maragarita's sister Melany is also part of the show and the two perform on the high wire.

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"And when you are not focused too much, it's probably you going to fall," Melany said. "So a little bit complicated."

"But it's fun," Maragarita said. "I really like it. When you dress for the circus, you feel more like different, you feel like a different person."

"It's something when you feel, when you work," Melany said about the costume and the circus.

"You feel like shining," Margarita said.

The Cedeno Leon sisters grew up in a circus family.

"We are half from Argentina and half from Ecuador," Margarita said. "We moved to Mexico and we grew up in Mexico."

And they're enjoying Montanafair and traveling the country.

"This place is so beautiful," Margarita said. "And have amazing people here and we just love USA. That's a very beautiful place."

The sisters performed two shows at the Thomas Carnival Circus every night of MontanaFair.